Gagarin - Delishow


Yuri Gagarin: a hero of his time! After all, he became a legend as the first person to make a manned flight into outer space. And he earned worldwide fame as a Russian cosmonaut. Reasons enough to name one of the top varieties developed by Deliflor Chrysanten for its collection of disbudded chrysanthemums after this hero.

Gagarin, our pure white disbudded chrysanthemum, has everything it takes to earn worldwide fame - just as it namesake did. Its enormous flowers - that won’t open completely until placed in a vase - make Gagarin something really special. Another eye-catching detail is that its inner petals turn in a circular direction around the centre of the flower. Because Gagarin is easy to dye in any colour of the rainbow, it will have even more uses. And its cast-iron transport properties and outstanding vase life give Gagarin everything to make it as legendary as the Russian hero himself.

Here you can download pictures of this remarkable variety.

Also check out the promotional movie on Gagarin.

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