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Deliflor Chrysanten is proud to present its newest chrysanthemum varieties.

At our Flower Trials in January (week 3) and June (week 24) we present our new breeding results: promising new chrysanthemum varieties! Through this platform we show you these novelties, as well as well-known Deliflor varieties. By showing them in 3D, you can view every part of the flower, stem and leaves. To view the total assortment we invite you to visit Deliflor in person. You are more than welcome during our Flower Trials when all new varieties are in full bloom, but besides these moments you can always get in touch with us to get a private tour through our breeding facilities.

Innovative varieties

The breeding department of Deliflor Chrysanten is continually developing new varieties. The ones displaying promise for the international chrysanthemum market are blooming at our flower trials location. Each and every one of these excellent varieties is distinctive in terms of cultivation qualities, colour and/or available shapes and forms. In other words, these spray chrysanthemums, disbudded chrysanthemums and Santinis offer growers excellent opportunities to offer their customers an exclusive line of products.

3D close-ups are continuously being made of a selection of our top varieties so that - even when not actually visiting the flower trials - you can view their flowers and branching habits in great detail. A unique opportunity for the chrysanthemum market!

For more info about specific varieties, you can contact your Account Manager:

Arjen van der Burg
Sales Manager and Account manager for
NL/IT & Eastern EU
E: avdb@deliflor.nl
T: +310651113581
Patrick Zaat
Account manager for
NL/PT/ES & North/South America
E: pza@deliflor.nl
T: +310651829243
Jan-Willem Scheeve
Account manager for
NL/FR/Middle East & Africa
E: jws@deliflor.nl
T: +310651781724
Rick van der Lugt
Account manager for
NL & Asia
E: rvdl@deliflor.nl
T: +310620705945

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